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$ 100 Minimum
Starting at $100
5% ROI
5 Day(s)
5% Referral Bonus
$ 1000 Minimum
Starting at $1,000
6.5% ROI
7 Day(s)
10% Referral Bonus
$ 5000 Minimum
Starting at $5,000
8% ROI
7 Day(s)
10% Referral Bonus
$ 10000 Minimum
Starting at $10,000
10% ROI
10 Day(s)
10% Referral Bonus
$ 20000 Minimum
Starting at $20,000
15% ROI
1 Month(s)
10% Referral Bonus
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Crypto Investing

Your crypto assets investment with us allows you to profit from our platform, arbitrage, and exchange trading.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts allow investors to profit from leveraging agreements and transaction returns.


Blockchain investments profit from the value in decentralized application activities and systems

NatExchange Investment LP

Our NatExchange Investment LP fund is one of our funds which gives investors direct profit opportunity.

Polkadot Ecosystem Fund

The Polka dot fund is an investment fund atop Polka dot network created in partnership with Web3 for investors.

NatExchange Investment Ventures

This fund is another opportunity that offers investors opportunities to share in our company returns.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is our reverse investment approach to decentralize the profits raised from venture funding.

Cryptos & Funds

This portfolio allows investors to enjoy the double benefit of crypto assets and other hedge funds.

Blockchain Tokens

This portfolio combines the best performing ICOs and tokens from the ecosystem and yields great ROI.


Blockchain assets are the wealth of today and the future. We are giving investors the opportunity to not only profit from blockchain assets, but also, to own them. Owning a blockchain asset today means owning the future.

We are committed to building sustainable wealth for investors.

That is why our crypto hedge funds invest in Blockchain technology and early token sales. Our inclusive objective is to reinvent investment strategies for token sales. An investment with Us means:
  • Investors own the protocol
  • Investors profit from token growth
  • Investors earn from the Blockchain
  • ROIs are backed by smart contract.
74 +
6 +
35 +

Own the Blockchain

Don’t just invest. Own the Asset.

Our investment strategy allows investors to not only profit through investments into assets, but to also own the assets, such that an increase in value results in cashflow.


Investors are profiting from our growing variety of cryptoassets

Our cryptocurrencies asset class encompasses cryptoassets trading and HODLing, as well as protocols and smart contracts, that allow investors to benefit both from the increasing value of cryptoassets and the profits from successful trades.

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Hedge Funds

Our funds are diversified to include protocols and blockchain companies.

Our funds focus on tokens that incentivize the core actions of a protocol and/or excel in developing novel mechanisms for smart contracts. In addition, we invest in early token sales that interact with an actual business or product in the blockchain ecosystem.


A single investment to include cryptoassets and hedge funds

Our portfolios are careful selections of cryptoassets and hedge funds, and are tailored to match the investor's financial goal, whether it's long-term, mid-term, or short-term. Build a portfolio today and enjoy the best of both asset classes.


NatExchange is a registered financial assets management company, with users all round the globe. The platform, which includes advanced basic and technical analysis at the source of high return performance, offers high & fixed interest return. Aiming for success with its international investor network, experienced team, privileged information from business and technology world; We stand out  from our competitors with  proven quality and ease of use. The company, which is managed under the leadership of people who think and foresee the future, is committed to achieving high returns from well-diversified portfolios and prioritizing clients.

Digital assets are a class of assets considered dangerous and inconvenient. Many reasons such as liquidity, money laundering accusation, uncertainty of regulation, access restriction

Successful investment management companies base their business on a core investment philosophy, and we are no different. Although we offer innovative and specific strategies through digital asset funds

Digital assets distributed ledger based electronic means of exchanges. Transactions involving them are secured by cryptography, and they have dedicated servers for verification of transactions and the creation of extra units. The most popular of them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. All digital assets are valued by price action, and as a result, almost total control is in the hand of the investing public.

We are here to help you with any problems and questions you may encounter while using the platform and during your investment experience. You can always contact or turn the situation into an opportunity

Why Choose NATEXG

There are countless reasons why we stand out amongst other investment firms, and our direct competition.

Here are some of those reasons:

Best Minds

Our team of analysts and traders have the deepest and broadest experiences in the financial markets, and especially in the blockchain ecosystem.

Unique Asset Classes

We look for tokens that incentivize the core actions of a protocol and/or excel in developing novel mechanisms for smart contracts.

Advanced Technology

We have combined a total of 35 technologies for our trading operations and security systems, to ensure that investors funds are safe.

Venture Backed

Over $400 million in assets from several traditional VC firms from Silicon Valley have been injected into our project



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